Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we announce a Special Issue of the Journal Bioengineering devoted to the 13th MAVEBA International Workshop .
The SI will collect extended versions of the paper presented at the Workshop.


The MAVEBA Workshop concerns the study of the human voice both from the methodological point of view and its biomedical applications. It welcomes contributions ranging from fundamental research and advanced technologies about models and analysis of signal and images of the human vocal apparatus and any related field to all kinds of biomedical applications with emphasis on translational research, the link with the “real” complex world of the human being.

Special Issue Guest Editors:
Claudia Manfredi, Antonio Lanatà, Lorenzo Frassineti.

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Dear MAVEBA participants,
Thank you very much for participating in MAVEBA 2023.
HERE you can find memories of the Workshop and the Social Events.


HERE you can find the Programme for the 13th MAVEBA Workshop.

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The 13th MAVEBA Workshop ended on September 13th.

Before coming to the conclusions, I would like to express my thanks to all the participants who contributed to the success of the Workshop thanks to the high level of the scientific content of their presentations. A friendly greeting also to those who were unable to be here.

As always, a special thank to Philippe Dejonckere and to Johan Sundberg for their excellent scientific contribution and for organizing two exciting Round Tables!
I greatly acknowledge my colleague Prof. Antonio Lanatà for his valuable contribution to the Workshop organization, PhD. Eng. Lorenzo Frassineti and PhD. students Eng. Federico Calà and Pietro Tarchi, who manage and constantly update the website, collaborated in reviewing the Proceedings and in solving the daily difficulties with patience and professionalism.
Also, thanks to the Accordion duo Leonardo Panni and Giuseppe De Nitto that with their talent showed us how the accordion is a multifaceted and expressive instrument.
Special thanks also to the Journal Bioengineering that generously offered the Student prize (congratulations to all participants and to the winner!) and the musical entertainment. I am glad to announce the preparation of a Special Issue of the journal dedicated to the Workshop.
Finally, a sincere and friendly thanks to the members of the Scaramuzzi Team for their professionalism, that supported me again in this hard task.

And now, a few words of conclusions.

Like anything in life, good or bad, everything passes and everything comes to an end (πάντα ρει…). I hope that these two days will remain as a nice memory for all of you, both from the  scientific and the human point of view. Those who have shared this MAVEBA experience with me over the years have seen its development, its growth but also its limits and weaknesses, that gave me big satisfactions and big difficulties. There have been moments more hard than others, especially in the last few years, but we “overcame” them bravely, despite everything.
I would not throw away a single moment of these 13 Workshops because they involve 24 years of my scientific life and international relationships.

Thank you for having believed in me and in this Workshop, born in 1999 almost by chance, but also and above all for curiosity. You have helped me to discover a fantastic world, which is the world of the voice, of human communication, beyond linguistic differences and obstacles and, precisely for this reason, without borders.

Claudia Manfredi