We are pleased to announce that the Bioengineering Journal

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is offering a prize of 400 CHF for the best student paper presented at MAVEBA 2023.

Interested students must send their full length paper according to the template in the website Paper submission and deadline – MAVEBA 2023 (unifi.it) not later than 24 June 2023 to:

and to:

along with a document certifying the status of student at the date of the Workshop (September 12-13, 2023). 
The student must be the first name in the article and will present the paper at the Workshop. The paper must concern a topic relevant to the Workshop.
A special Jury will establish the winner with a final judgment. The winner will be announced during the Workshop.

The MAVEBA organizing Committee
Claudia Manfredi
Antonio Lanatà
Lorenzo Frassineti