To celebrate its 50th anniversary, I am pleased to announce a CoMeT Special Session titled:

Actor’s and actress’ voices

Moderator: Philippe Dejonckere, Brussels, BE

Participants (provisional list):

Orietta Calcinoni, Milano, IT

Franco Fussi, Ravenna, IT

Joseph Schloemicher-Tier, Salzburg, AT

I am also pleased to announce a Special Session organized by Dr. Franco Fussi, internationally renowned specialist in phoniatrics and otolaryngology, Ravenna, Italy:

Singing and acted voice: proprioceptive devices and their acoustical meaning.

Those wishing to participate are asked to get in touch with Dr. Fussi and with Claudia Manfredi:

Franco Fussi <>

Claudia Manfredi <>

During the Workshop a Keynote lecture will be given by:

Dr. Athanasios Tsanas, University of Edinburgh & University of Oxford, UK. The title is: Developing new speech signal processing algorithms for biomedical and life sciences applications: principles, findings, challenges, and a view to the future.

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