Celebrating 20 years of advancements in voice analysis!

17-19 December 2019

Firenze, Italy

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that I cordially invite you to the 11th MAVEBA International Workshop.


The MAVEBA Workshop concerns the study of our voice both from the methodological point of view and its biomedical applications. It welcomes contributions ranging from fundamental research and advanced technologies about models and analysis of signal and images of the human vocal apparatus and any related field, to all kinds of biomedical applications with emphasis on translational research, the link with the “real” complex world of the human being.

The series of MAVEBA international workshops started in 1999 and is proposed every two years as a multidisciplinary meeting stimulating contacts between specialists active in bioengineering, clinical applications and industrial development.

This eleventh Workshop will offer again the participants an interdisciplinary platform for presenting and sharing knowledge and recent results with anyone who is interested in this multifaceted subject that involves bioengineering, neurology, surgery, psychology, psychiatry, logopaedics, linguistics, singing and related fields, with applications ranging from the new-born to the elder.

Topics include, but are not limited to: Acoustical and image analysis of the vocal folds; Modelling and simulation of vocal physiology; Biomechanics of the vocal folds; Intonation, mood, stress an related neurological disorders; Machine learning and artificial intelligence in voice recognition, synthesis and classification; New-born cry, prematurity, neurological disorders; Voice analysis and native language; Classical and modern singing and acted voice; Wearable devices, mobile apps and human-computer interaction; Software tools for voice and image analysis.

Proposal for topics, Special Sessions, sw and hw demos, round tables on specific themes are welcome.

For further information visit the website that will be constantly updated, including topics, abstract submission, location and registration.

As for past editions a book of Proceedings (with ISBN) will be available at the time of the conference, edited by Firenze University Press. Proceedings of past MAVEBA workshops are freely downloadable.

Moreover, as for the past,a Special Issue of an international journal included in all the major databases is foreseen, collecting the extended version of selected contributions. A Special Issue of the Journal Biomedical Signal Processing and Control (indexed in Scopus) collecting papers from the 2017 MAVEBA Workshop is in press.

I am looking forward to welcoming next December in Firenze old and new friends, colleagues, scientists and students to share knowledge and enjoy the Florentine Christmas atmosphere!

Warmest regards

Claudia Manfredi
MAVEBA2019 Chair